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Restoring the smile of patients in Coral Gables with Dental Fillings, Sonrie Dental Studio provides a calming environment and friendly staff for all your dental procedures. Fillings are the most common restorative treatment, replacing the part of the tooth destroyed by decal with natural colored fillings. Making this a painless experience for our patients of all ages, we help you maintain a healthy dental path while removing any apprehension and fear. Providing the best treatment options available, we offer both therapeutic and cosmetic dental services and provide personalized care plans that adapt to the ever-changing needs of our patients.

An essential part of your overall health, regular visits to Sonrie Dental Studio allows our team to clean and evaluate your teeth throughout your life. We provide patients in Coral Gables Dental Fillings in our state of the art dental studio. ;Ensuring confidence and providing you with the best possible outcome for your dental care, we serve infants, children, teens, and adults as well as patients with special healthcare needs. Our friendly environment and staff seek to soothe and relax patients so that they aren't apprehensive about their dental care. Our services can grow with you as your age and your dental needs change.

Catering to the ever-changing dental needs of our patients, we do our best to preserve your smile by first instilling a good home care routine, with regular brushing and flossing in addition to regular dental checkups and professional cleanings. Our team of friendly, professional, and compassionate staff makes Sonrie Dental Studio your choice for affordable rates as well as payment and financing options for your Coral Gables dental fillings procedure. We also provide assistance with filing claims with your insurance provider. Give us a call today to learn more about our treatments for you and your family and schedule your free initial consultation.

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