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If you think you have a cavity and are in need of Coral Gables Dental Fillings, give the professionals here at Sonrie Dental Studio a call! Dental Filling is the most common type of restorative treatment that we perform so you can trust our experienced team! Call Sonrie Dental Studio today for your FREE consultation! so we can get started providing care for you!

Coral Gables Dental Fillings performed here at Sonrie Dental Studio really are painless and we make sure that every patient understands what procedure we are doing. We want to make you feel at ease when you're with us at our friendly practice with our cutting edge technology and skilled technicians. We would be more than happy to keep you comfortable in our care.

Sonrie Dental Studio is a fully technologically advance office, providing Coral Gables Dental Fillings, customers. We use a material composed of resin or porcelain which is far better than the traditional material to replace the part of the tooth destroyed by tooth decay. Let us help your teeth and spare you some pain with a treatment from our professionals today.

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