Coral Gables Dental Sealants

Coral Gables Dental Sealants are easy to come by when you use the professionals at Sonrie Dental Studio. By applying a thin plastic sealant coating to your permanent molars and premolars, you can protect the chewing surfaces of the teeth during your child's cavity prone years. We want to make certain that your child establishes an excellent dental health routine.

Dental Sealants - Miami or Coral Gable Dental Office

    With offices in Coral Gables and Miami, we can provide you with Coral Gables Dental Sealants. This easy procedure provides protection to the chewing surfaces of your teeth, reducing the risk of decay by nearly 80% over 2 years. For up to 4 years, your risk of cavities can reduce by 50%, so our team of experts can help you, today.

    Call the team at Sonrie Dental Studio today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about our services for Coral Gables Dental Sealants as well as our options for affordable financing. We offer a variety of cosmetic and dental procedures to keep your whole family with bright smiles and we truly care about your dental health, so call our team today to learn more!

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