Cosmetic Dentistry Coral Gables

Offering Cosmetic Dentistry in Coral Gables, as well as in our Miami location, Sonrie Dental Studio is your choice for a personalized treatment plan for orthodontics, at home-whitening treatments, veneers, and much more. As opposed to regular checkups and cleanings that focus on your overall dental health, we can also provide elective and restorative procedures to increase self-assurance and provide restorative benefits such as replacing fillings previously made of gold, amalgam, or other materials that could leave dark spots on teeth.


Equipping our clients with information so that they can make the best decisions for their care, we provide treatment plans with affordable rates as well as payment and financing options. We take advantage of the latest advances in technology and equipment in order to provide you with treatments that are more durable and natural looking than in the past. Services are provided in our warm and inviting offices, with equipment that has been maintained and sterilized for each use. Our professional and experienced staff spends time educating our clients for cosmetic dentistry in Coral Gables so they are not intimidated by their options.


When scheduling cosmetic dentistry in Coral Gables, call Sonrie Dental Studio for your free consultation. From routine procedures to more specialized treatments, we are specialists in our field, offering a variety of procedures to keep your whole family with bright smiles and healthy teeth. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and learn more about our services. Focusing on a friendly and calm patient experience, our staff happily answers any questions that you may have, including providing options for financing as well as filing with your insurance provider.

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