Cosmetic Dentistry Makeovers Coral Gables

Offering a full array of treatments for Cosmetic Dentistry Makeovers in Coral Gable, Sonrie Dental Studio provides both elective and restorative procedures for all your dental needs. Increasing confidence and providing restorative benefits, our team will answer any questions that you may have regarding the best treatment plan and prognosis for your dental needs. We offer free consultations in order to develop your personalized treatment plan for orthodontics, at home-whitening treatments, veneers, and much more.


When planning your cosmetic dentistry makeovers in Coral Gables, the experienced team at Sonrie Dental Studio will answer any questions that you may have in order to provide appropriate expectations with your care. Our team utilizes the latest advancements in technology and equipment, properly sterilizing each piece of equipment to eliminate the risk of infection and provide a clean and sterile environment for your dental procedures. While offering cosmetic benefits, many dental makeovers can also help to eliminate any lingering pain associated with crooked or misshapen teeth and other dental issues.


Specialists in our field, Sonrie Dental Studio is your top choice for cosmetic dentistry makeovers in Coral Gables. Providing you with a variety of options as well as affordable rates and financing programs, we make healthy teeth and gums attainable for all. Our staff has extensive experience making our clients feel at ease, removing any anxiety and nervousness associated with dental visits. Give us a call today to schedule you consultation with our dedicated team and come one step closer to the smile that you have always wanted.

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