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Whether you are a new patient or existing patient, the Dental X-rays in Coral Gables that you receive from our skilled staff at Sonrie Dental Studio will be excellent in quality. X-rays are perfect diagnostic tool which helps us to detect dental issues which are not visible from the naked eye. Call today to learn more about the advanced services we offer here at Sonrie Dental Studio!

Dental X Rays - Miami or Coral Gable Dental Office

    Here at Sonrie Dental Studio we have the latest equipment for Dental X-rays Coral Gables to get the most accurate X-rays, and we usually perform them at your cleanings! You can relax in our staffs' friendly, capable hands, while we make sure that your oral health is a-okay! Call our team today for your FREE consultation!

    At Sonrie Dental Studio, we want to put every patient at ease and let them know that our Dental X-rays for Coral Gables customers require no special preparation. Here in our office, you’ll sit comfortable in a chair with a lead vest across your chest and lap. It's as easy as can be in our comfortable office. Call us today to learn more!

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  • We also use X-Rays from time to time during the treatment process to keep a track on the condition of the teeth and effectiveness of the treatment.
  • The X-rays capture the images of the interior or gums which help the dentist to identify problems like cavities and tooth decay.
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