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Sonrie Dental Studio's professional Endodontics - Root Canal Therapy in Coral Gables is known for treating badly damaged or infected teeth. If you want to preserve the natural teeth and refrain from extracting them, the best option is to go for root canal treatment. Our compassionate and professional team has years of experience in the field and will guide you throughout the process and ensure that the treatment is less painful for you. You can rely on us for the best dental solutions and oral health care.

Our team that provides Endodontics - Root Canal Therapy in Coral Gables uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to remove the damaged nerves from the pulp of the tooth. We make sure the infection has been removed inside your tooth while shielding it from further damage. Even though the patients believe that a root canal is a painful process, it relieves pain and is far more comfortable than having a painfully decaying tooth. At our clean facility and friendly environment, we provide the best treatment.

At Sonrie Dental Studio, our experts who provide Endodontics - Root Canal Therapy in Coral Gables clean, shape, and decontaminate the hollow area in the tooth with the help of tiny files and irrigation solutions. They next use adhesive cement to completely plug the canals and fill the tooth with a substance that resembles rubber. Once the infection has been eradicated and the nerve tissue destroyed, the patient will no longer experience pain in the tooth following root canal therapy. Please make an appointment with us right now for a complimentary consultation to end your toothache.

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  • Treatment and cure for inflammation and infection of the gums.
  • Periodontist treatment.
  • Treatment of bacterial infection in the gums.
  • Gingivitis treatment to ensure gums good health.
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