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An essential part of your treatment in Miami, Dental Xrays provide an in-depth look at your teeth to help detect dental issues that may not be visible during a typical dental exam. At Sonrie Dental Studio, we educate our clients to allow them to make the best decisions for their dental care. We use state of the art equipment and technology to provide our clients with outstanding care.

Dental X Rays - Miami or Coral Gable Dental Office

    Our professional and experienced staff provides Miami with dental Xrays, with services conducted in our warm and inviting offices. Our friendly tam is dedicated to your dental health, creating personalized treatment plans for you individual needs. We provide services in our clean facility, with equipment that has been maintained and sterilized for each use.

    At Sonrie Dental Studio, we accept insurance plans and offer several affordable financing solutions. Taking fear away from dental procedures, our team will answer any questions that you may have. Give us a call today to schedule your services in Miami for dental Xrays and learn more about the full array of dental care that we can provide.

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  • We also use X-Rays from time to time during the treatment process to keep a track on the condition of the teeth and effectiveness of the treatment.
  • The X-rays capture the images of the interior or gums which help the dentist to identify problems like cavities and tooth decay.
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