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Do you have concerns about receiving quality Root Canals in Coral Gables? If so, you shouldn't worry about it anymore because Sonrie Dental Studio is here to help. Even though you may think that getting a root canal hurts, remember that the infection is what causes the pain, not the treatment. The technique helps to relieve pain rather than causing it. When the patient is under local anesthesia, our kind and skilled staff at Sonrie Dental Studio removes everything from the tooth's root canal.

For Root Canals in Coral Gables, individuals with damaged or infected pulp can get in touch with Sonrie Dental Studio. We make sure the treatment is fully taken care of by using the newest technology and cutting-edge equipment. When bacteria reach the pulp through a deep cavity, a loose filling, or a broken tooth, the pulp is destroyed. The pulp will ultimately be destroyed by the bacteria, weakening and disintegrating the bone in the process. Consequently, the tooth tends to become loose, and the ligaments surrounding it enlarge.

Without taking the treatment of Root Canals, Coral Gables patients will go through throbbing pain because the infection has spread. If a restoration seems too complicated and your tooth is severely damaged, consider having it extracted. But when a tooth is extracted, the neighboring teeth move and become crooked, which can make it difficult for the patient to bite correctly and even make them look ugly. For the best-tailored root canal treatment plan, please get in contact with us for a free consultation in a welcoming and spotless environment.

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  • Treatment and cure for inflammation and infection of the gums.
  • Periodontist treatment.
  • Treatment of bacterial infection in the gums.
  • Gingivitis treatment to ensure gums good health.
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