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At Sonrie Dental Studio, we're renowned for using Teeth Whitening in Coral Gables to improve the appearance of our patients' smiles. Our team of competent, caring, and experienced employees can assist you in a number of ways. Since teeth whitening is the easiest way to make your smile look better, we usually recommend it. We can complete this procedure after cleaning your teeth, either in time for a special occasion or as part of your normal dental hygiene routine.

Teeth Whitening in Coral Gables is done regularly so that people can look and feel their best. Older people may have yellowing and dull teeth. This has to do with things like age and dietary and beverage choices. Drinking coffee, tea, or alcohol, for instance, might discolor your teeth. Smoking and eating meals containing food coloring can also result in tooth discoloration. Although brushing soon after eating and drinking can help reduce the risk, it is rarely sufficient.

Your teeth's natural whiteness may gradually disappear or turn discolored as a result of your lifestyle, your food, or just aging. However, Teeth Whitening in Coral Gables we offer here at Sonrie Dental Studio can restore the brilliance of your smile. Yellow and stained teeth do not have to remain that way forever. Get teeth whitening done with cutting-edge tools and technology by contacting us for a free consultation right now.

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  • It is a very simple process
  • Teeth whitening is a very effective way of lightening the natural color of your teeth.
  • The procedure takes approximately 1 hour and the number of applications will depend on the care of the patient at home.
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