Adult Dental Implants Kendall

Sonrie Dental Studio offers Adult Dental Implants Kendall on a customized basis. Our skilled and caring dentists at Sonrie use cutting-edge tools and technology in a clean atmosphere to provide the best dental implants. The implants don't shift or budge on the teeth since they are designed to function as natural teeth do. It could be challenging to distinguish between the implant and your natural teeth since they appear so natural!

During the planning stage for our Adult Dental Implants for Kendall patients, our dentists will choose the ideal locations and positions for your dental implants. Your jawbone will receive the implants so they can integrate with the rest of your mouth and recover. The surgery is finished when a permanent crown is attached to the titanium post. You will be given a temporary crown or denture appliance to never go without a smile while your implants heal. The implant, too!

Adult Dental Implants Kendall is no longer an unpleasant procedure when Sonrie Dental Studio is on your side. Your bite may go out of proportion if you have missing teeth, and thus they must be replaced. Modern replacement teeth, such as dentures and dental crowns, are frequently affixed to one or more dental implants for the greatest results. These tiny titanium posts, which mimic the roots of your natural teeth, provide your replacement teeth with unparalleled stability.

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  • They are better than bridges
    • Your doctor will examine your teeth and show you what Invisalign treatment can do for you.
  • Dental implants cause no difficulty in eating
  • The dental implant is made up of titanium
  • It is a safe process
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