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For Dental Bridges in Miami-Dade that will bring back your beautiful smile and that are also reliable call our compassionate dental staff at Sonrie Dental Studio today. If you have teeth that are missing or that are broken dental bridges are an excellent choice since they use a fixed prosthesis to replace the broken or missing teeth. When you contact us we will schedule you for a free consultation to discuss your bridges in more detail.

Dental Crowns & Bridges - Miami or Coral Gable Dental Office

    Your Dental Bridges in Miami-Dade will be provided with state of the art equipment and technology in a clean and friendly atmosphere. We will start your appointment by taking impressions of your teeth and examining them. Then, we will insert your bridge and make any necessary adjustments to make sure that your implant fits you well and naturally.

    Your Dental Bridges in Miami-Dade will be affordable since we offer several financing options and accept many insurance plans. Call us today to schedule your free consultation to discuss your dental bridges. We will create a personalized treatment plan that fits your dental care needs.

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