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Choose Sonrie Dental Studio for all of your Dental Cleaning Kendall needs, and you won't be disappointed. People often don’t clean their teeth properly leading to buildup that can cause severe dental issues if not treated in time. Call our office today to schedule your cleaning. Our team will make you feel right at home!

Dental Cleaning - Miami or Coral Gable Dental Office

    At Sonrie Dental Studio we know how intimidating Dental Cleaning in Kendall can sound, but we committed to keeping our patients happy and safe. Teeth cleaning is simple and painless, but we can guide you through the entire process so you feel comfortable during your cleaning. Call us for more information!

    Sonrie Dental Studio recommends dental cleaning for Kendall patients twice a year, whether they are having issues or not. We can customize your treatment plan specifically to suit your needs, and we can even customize a plan for your children. Call our team today to learn more during your free consultation.

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  • It removes built-up stains and gives you a whiter smile.
  • It prevents teeth from loosening and full out and also eradicate bad breath.
  • Dental cleaning easily removes plaque which is the leading cause of tooth decay.
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