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Restoring smiles with Dental Fillings for Dade patients, the professional team at Sonrie Dental Studio provides a calm and inviting patient experience. The most common restorative treatment option, natural colored fillings can replace the part of the tooth destroyed by decay, eliminating the chance of further damage and relieving you of any pain that has been occurring. Providing a free consultation, we develop your personalized treatment plan.

Offering state of the art equipment and technology, we provide clients with a painless experience when undergoing dental fillings in Dade. Answering any questions that you may have about the procedure, we want you to feel at ease and remove any nervousness about your dental treatment. Your filling, composed of resin or porcelain, will restore your tooth and provide ongoing, natural looking protection.

At Sonrie Dental Studio, we accept insurance plans and offer several affordable financing solutions. Our team is dedicated to taking fear away from dental procedures, offering dental fillings for Dade clients after educating them so that they can make the best treatment decisions for their care. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about our services for all your dental needs.

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