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Once your braces come off, Dental Retainers give Kendall and Miami patients a smile that will last. A common treatment plan includes a permanent retainer for the bottom teeth and a removable retainer that is worn at night for the top. We can help you get what you need, so call us today and get your free consultation booked.

Dental Retainers in Miami & Coral Gables

    Dental retainers for Kendall patients are often the last phase of orthodontic treatment, retainers are most often worn overnight to maintain your teeth's positioning. It is important to use your retainer as intended in order to prevent your teeth from shifting once your braces have been removed. Call our office today to learn more!

    The friendly and professional team at Sonrie Dental Studio can help you get a treatment plan for dental retainers in Kendall and Miami using our state of the art equipment and technology. A beautiful smile is never out of reach! Ask our team about our affordable financing options as you begin your orthodontic treatment.

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