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Dental Xrays in Miami-Dade, from Sonrie Dental Studio accepts insurance plans and offers affordable financing payment options. Your X-Ray will be provided in a clean facility with a warm and friendly atmosphere by a professionally experienced, compassionate staff. We use state of the art equipment and the latest technology for all of our treatments.

Dental X Rays - Miami or Coral Gable Dental Office

    Your Dental Xrays in Miami-Dade service will start with a free consultation to discuss your dental needs. With an X-ray our specialist will be able to detect all potential issues and record detailed images of your mouth. X-rays are fast and painless, and you will be fully protected by a special apron that will be placed on our lap during the procedure.

    Dental Xrays for Miami-Dade clients from Sonrie Dental Studio will not disappoint you. Our dedicated dental staff is ready to assist you with your dental needs. Call us today to schedule your free consultation!

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  • We also use X-Rays from time to time during the treatment process to keep a track on the condition of the teeth and effectiveness of the treatment.
  • The X-rays capture the images of the interior or gums which help the dentist to identify problems like cavities and tooth decay.
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