Endodontics Miami-Dade

For Endodontics Miami-Dade care that is ideal for teeth that are damaged, decayed, or infected call our dental staff at Sonrie Dental Studio today. We offer our patients affordable financing and payment options, as well as accept insurance plans. Before we begin treating you, our dental specialist will meet you during a free consultation to discuss your dental care and create a personalized treatment plan.

Your Endodontics Miami-Dade treatment will be provided in a clean facility with a friendly atmosphere. All of the treatments that we provide are completed with state of the art equipment and technology that ensure your satisfaction with the outcome of your procedure. Choose Sonrie Dental Studio confidently, we sterilize all of the equipment and tools very carefully to reduce the chance of infection and keep our facility clean.

Your Endodontics Miami-Dade service will be completed by our professional dental staff who will be at your side the entire time. To discuss your treatment plan in detail call our dental office today and schedule a free consultation. We look forward to assisting you with your dental needs!

Root Canal - Miami or Coral Gable Dental Office

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  • It relieves sensitivity and pain
  • It tackles tooth decay, infection, and damage
  • RCT makes the tooth functional
  • It saves your natural tooth from extraction
  • RCT makes the tooth functional.
  • It saves your natural tooth from extraction.
  • The appearance of the cap is natural
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