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Sonrie Dental Studio's Pediatric Braces in Kendall are made to straighten your child's teeth, making them more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Braces work by gradually realigning teeth to have a more substantial base. Our friendly staff and immaculate facilities guarantee that your kid will receive a treatment plan tailored to their dental issue. We also provide no-cost consultations.

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    We employ state-of-the-art tools and technology while administering Pediatric Braces in Kendall. According to experts, dentists and orthodontists are less likely to recommend braces for children with severe gum disease, tooth decay, or numerous cavities. This is particularly valid if patients demand pricey dental procedures like implants. Although not entirely out of the question, braces must be resolved before considering them.

    The team at Sonrie Dental Studio offers Pediatric Braces Kendall, providing options for payment and financing plans as well as accepting and filing with your insurance provider. We conduct services in our warm and inviting office atmosphere, beginning with a free consultation to determine your specific orthodontic needs and crafting your personalized care plan. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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