Preventive Dentistry Kendall

Our Preventive Dentistry Kendall services at Sonrie Dental Studio offers affordable financing, treatment options, and acceptance of insurance plans. We have two locations available including Miami, to make it more convenient for our patients. It is very important to maintain good oral hygiene at home, so our professional staff will educate you on the importance of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. When we meet with you we will personalize the right treatment plan for your oral hygiene needs. You will be treated in a friendly atmosphere and clean facility, so do not hesitate to call us.


Our Preventative Dentistry Kendall services will be provided by a professional, experienced, compassionate staff. You will be treated with state of the art equipment and technology. Our dentistry services include dental cleanings, dental x-rays, dental sealants, tooth extractions, and so much more. When you contact us you can let our staff know what type of service you are looking and we will schedule you for a free consultation. Our dentist will discuss your needs and create the perfect treatment plan for you.


Preventative Dentistry Kendall services will give you the smile that you always wanted to have. With the help of our x-rays we will be able to detect the issues you are having so that we can decide which treatment is the best for you. We try to preserve your natural teeth when possible, but if the tooth is beyond repair we will have to perform a tooth extraction. Our specialists will help you decide which treatment is most suitable for you. To schedule your free consultation call us today! We look forward to assisting you!

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