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Restructuring your smile with a Root Canal for West Miami patients, Sonrie Dental Studio offers options for all your various dental needs. Providing free consultations, we develop personalized care plans specific to each patient's needs. At Sonrie Dental Studio, we practice safe sterilization for our equipment and facilities, providing our clients with a state of the art facility and experience.

By removing the pulp and nerve of the infected tooth and cleaning and sealing the inside of the tooth, the restorative benefits of a root canal give West Miami patients relief from a broken or damaged tooth. Working to save your natural tooth, we place a cap or crown on your tooth to enhance it's appearance and lifespan. Making dental care accessible for all, we provide affordable rates and financing options, accepting and filing with many insurance providers.

Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation and begin learning more about the personalized treatment available to relieve you of tooth pain. Offering the most thorough treatments available, we provide instructions and follow-ups to ensure you are satisfied with your treatment. Assessing your needs for a root canal, West Miami patients can ask any questions they have about the procedure.

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  • It relieves sensitivity and pain
  • It tackles tooth decay, infection, and damage
  • RCT makes the tooth functional
  • It saves your natural tooth from extraction
  • RCT makes the tooth functional.
  • It saves your natural tooth from extraction.
  • The appearance of the cap is natural
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