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Sonrie Dental Studio's Teeth Whitening in Miami-Dade is a non-invasive dental treatment that lightens the color of natural tooth enamel. It's a great approach to make your smile more attractive. There are a variety of techniques to whiten teeth now that it has become the number one cosmetic concern of most people. The most popular option is to use a home tooth whitening device, which can substantially whiten teeth.

White teeth define a beautiful and appealing smile. Patients request Teeth Whitening in Miami-Dade of all ages to improve the overall appearance of their smile. Brighter smiles instill confidence, boost self-esteem, and leave an indelible impact on those you encounter! Our compassionate and professional team of dentists has changed lives by delivering bright smiles that patients are pleased to display with confidence, from the boardroom to the playground.

Dentists at Sonrie Dental Studio use Teeth Whitening for Miami-Dade patients to eliminate stains and brighten the smile . Even though professional level bleaching chemicals are used in the teeth whitening process with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, your progress is monitored and the items used are adjusted to match your specific needs. Get in touch with us for a free consultation today.

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  • It is a very simple process
  • Teeth whitening is a very effective way of lightening the natural color of your teeth.
  • The procedure takes approximately 1 hour and the number of applications will depend on the care of the patient at home.
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