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At Sonrie Dental Studio, the whitening solution we use in Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening in West Miami contains bleaching chemicals that are safe to use and break down stained pigments on your teeth. This method enhances the whitening process by using a specific light administered to the teeth, and the Zoom light penetrates deeply into the teeth to remove stains and discoloration. Our compassionate, professional, and experienced team of dentists at Sonrie ensures that you receive the best treatment possible.

We recommend using our Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening in Miami-Dade at Sonrie Dental Studio for anybody with dull or yellow teeth. Our dentists employ state-of-the-art technology and equipment to guarantee that your teeth are healthy and free of sensitivity throughout the whitening process. You'll need a whitening solution to penetrate the enamel because most of the discoloration and yellowing happen beneath it.

At Sonrie Dental Studio, the Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening in West Miami is a simple procedure. The treatment begins with the lips and gums being isolated, exposing the dental surface. After that, a Zoom hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is administered, which works with the ZOOM light equipment to enter the teeth and break up stains and discoloration. While the light is turned on, the gel remains in place for 15 minutes. You can unwind and listen to music during this period.

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  • It is a very simple process
  • Teeth whitening is a very effective way of lightening the natural color of your teeth.
  • The procedure takes approximately 1 hour and the number of applications will depend on the care of the patient at home.
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