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Sonrie Dental Studio is one of the best Affordable Dental Clinic in Dade dedicated to giving the best dental solutions to patients. Our compassionate and professional staff uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment. Right from restorative treatment, root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, to gum treatments, we do it all. Our team possesses an explicit knowledge of what has to be done whenever patients visit us with their dental problems. At Sonrie, we have highly qualified dental doctors who render comfortable and safe dental treatments with the latest dental procedures. With us on board, you can be assured that you will receive the best treatment for your dental issues.


Sonrie is known as one of the clients who preferred the Affordable Dental Clinic in Dade and the remarkable dental services we render. The ambiance at Sonrie Dental Studio is friendly and offers a clean facility. Unsure of the dental procedure that you would want to take? You can always visit us for a free consultation. Our dentists render all pediatric and orthodontic dental care while keeping abreast of all the latest treatment techniques beneficial for the patients. Irrespective of the age group we treat every patient of ours with utmost professionalism and care. Our expert dentists listen to your dental issues and then come up with the solution for it.


Your dental care is our prime priority at Sonrie - the Affordable Dental Clinic in Dade. Our expert dentists render personalized treatment depending upon every patient and their needs. Post the dental treatment process, when our patient smiles, it is a reward for us, and we ensure to bring back that million-dollar smile on every patient of ours. Every member of our team is educated to manage practically every dental problem that may arise, and we treat patients of all age group. Our professional team come up with personalized plan of treatment depending upon the need of the patient. Get in touch with one of the best dental clinic in Dade for all your dental issues.

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