Child Dental Care Kendall

Providing Child Dental Care in Kendall, Sonrie Dental Studio creates a warm and inviting atmosphere to soothe patients and provide a foundation for a healthy smile that will last a lifetime. Using positivity approaches, we choose our words carefully to eliminate the fear and uncertainty associated with a dental visit. Creating a personalized treatment plan, we establish a friendly atmosphere and employ a professional and compassionate staff. Regular dental checkups and professional cleanings, accompanied by a good home care routine, can help to curb dental problems, especially when the foundation is set at at young age.


Creating a great outcome for your Child Dental Care in Kendall, the friendly staff of Sonrie Dental Studio provides free consultations to explain the care plan and treatment options for your child. Using state of the art equipment and technology, we provide the highest quality in specialized dentistry services in a warm and caring surroundings. Sonrie Dental Studio has developed a child friendly environment that serves infants, children, and teens as well as children with special healthcare needs. Our team properly sterilizes each piece of equipment to eliminate the risk of infection, providing a clean and sterile environment for all dental procedures.


Taking fear away from dental procedures, our staff provides specialized Child Dental Care in Kendall as well as Miami, and will help your children to be comfortable and have a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Dental treatment does not have to be an unpleasant experience and our staff has experience dealing with children and specific methods to make them feel at ease. We accept insurance plans and offer affordable financing solutions. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation and visit our office that has been designed to welcome families and children.

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