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Providing patients in Kendall with Pediatric General Dentistry services, Sonrie Dental Studio treats patients of all ages, offering dental hygiene, routine cleanings, fillings, and much more. Regularly evaluating your child's teeth, we create customized treatment plans that adapt to their rapidly changing dental needs. Our team recognizes that a foundation of regular cleanings and a good home care routine can have a profound effect on your overall dental health. By providing our clients with exceptional care that responds to their changing needs, we help you to achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles.


Taking the fear away from dental visits for our patients in Miami and Kendall, our pediatric general dentistry care is provided in our state of the art dental studio, using equipment that is clean and sterilized for each use. An essential part of your overall health, regular visits to Sonrie Dental Studio allows our team to clean and evaluate your child's teeth as they grow. Using a positive demeanor and creating a friendly atmosphere, we eliminate any apprehension that may be associated with a dental visit. Focusing on a friendly and calm patient experience, we provide outstanding care for infants, children, teens, and those with special healthcare needs.


At Sonrie Dental Studio, our experience and friendly service makes us a top choice in Kendall for pediatric general dentistry. Our team answers any questions that you may have about your treatment options, offering a variety of procedures for both general and specialized dentistry needs. Your top choice for care as your child's dental needs rapidly change with age, our team uses state of the art equipment and technology to provide the highest quality services. Offering affordable rates and payment and financing plans, we also accept many insurance policies, taking care to file your claim with your provider. Creating personalized treatment plans, learn more and schedule your free consultation with a call to our team today!

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