Pediatric Kendall Dentistry

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For Pediatric Kendall Dentistry that is also available to patients located in Miami call Sonrie Dental Studio today. All of our services including root canals, tooth extractions, dental fillings, and dental cleaning are available in both locations. Sonrie Dental Studio offers personalized treatment plans using state of the art equipment in a clean environment.


Pediatric Kendall Dentistry from Sonrie Dental Studio is available to infants, children, and teens, so do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a free consultation. You can choose Sonrie Dental Studio confidently, since our team is highly experienced and all of our equipment is properly sterilized to eliminate the risk of infection. At Sonrie Dental Studio our staff will always make sure that your child feels comfortable and confident about the treatment he or she is receiving.


Our Pediatric Kendall Dentistry service has a stellar reputation so you will not regret choosing us for your child's dental care needs. Sonrie Dental Studio offers affordable financing options and we accept many insurance plans. Schedule your free consultation at your earliest convenience so that we can discuss your child's treatment options.

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